Our Mission

We believe that people who are walking fully alive in their God-given calling are an unstoppable force for positive change.


We help entrepreneurs break through productivity barriers to build a profitable, purpose-driven business.


We help career professionals identify, implement and align their God-given purpose with their professional goals.


We help ministry leaders create the clear personal and professional vision needed to create a powerful impact and lasting legacy.

Dawn Sadler

Speaker, Coach, Podcaster

Hi, I’m Dawn. I am a writer, speaker and coach. I specialize in helping Christians overcome fear, doubt and overwhelm so they can boldly pursue their unique God-given calling.

I am also the host of the Your Purpose is Calling podcast.

With more than 20 years of corporate experience, 10 years as an entrepreneur, and 5 years in ministry I am passionate about helping others discover and fulfill their God-given calling at work, at home, at church, and in their community. I believe that when every area of our life is aligned with the truth of who God says we are and what Christ did for us on the cross that we can shift culture in every sphere of influence God has given us.

I live in New York City with my husband, Matt.


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